2Hand Touch – Therapist is in studio

Dammit. This week sucked. Losing is bad enough but what we are seeing transcends losing. You KNOW that I am a die hard, ardent, arguably too positive fan but this shit is ridiculous. the big problem is that there is no ‘one throat to choke.’ We will be talking about what happened on the field, the garbage that continues to bubble around off the field, the options the Bucs have and everything else we can talk about.

Join us on 2 Hand Touch as Steve White (@sgw94) joins us and breaks down the action on field and as we talk about who showed up, who laid down and what the hell we can do.

I cannot promise an uplifting show tonight folks but it may be therapeutic.


"Here's to good memories, ounce by ounce." --Matt Westerman Currently hosting an Internet Radio/TV show called "What the Buc?" covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! We are having a blast and would love to get feedback from you folks on it.

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