Allow me to re-introduce myself

What’s up Bucs fans? The Bucs are just about ready to kick off a new season and it is an important one for sure. As some of you may know, I am currently 15 years old. (Editor’s Note: Evan is going to be 16 in September and we expect an imminent change to the child labor laws that will make this totally legal) I was so happy when I got the news that Derek was gonna take a chance on me and to find out that I was gonna join the WTB family was really a great feeling. I was welcomed with open arms by Derek and all the other great authors we have here. I was able to write for WTB last season and I wanted to let you guys know that I am officially gonna be back for my second season! I’m gonna be writing about a lot of exciting things and hopefully most of those things are following wins. Now, let me tell you some things about me before we really get this thing rolling.

My Story

The story of how I became a Bucs fan is simple. My dad was a fan of the team ever since 1976. My dad said the reason he liked the team was because he fell in love with the Helmets and also one of his favorite college players, Ricky Bell was drafted by the Bucs. He suffered a whole lot through the rough years. He wasn’t able to watch the team because we live in Pennsylvania. He purchased the Direct TV Sunday ticket and has not missed many games since that moment. I, unfortunately, was about a year and 4 months old when the Bucs won the super bowl so I do not remember any of those days. I started to really follow the team in 2011. The team went 4-12 that year but as a brand new fan I was still extremely optimistic. In 2012 the team went 7-9 and my family and I were able to attend our first ever Bucs home game when the team beat the San Diego Chargers 34-24. That trip to Tampa started a trend that we have not stopped. My grandfather, who is in the picture above, went to his first game with me this past year! We go down to FL once a year and go to a Bucs game, sometimes even 2. Our total record when my family and I are in attendance is 3-3 so I am not sure if we are good or bad luck yet! This year we are going to Tampa for week 10 vs the Jets so we should be 4-3 when we attend the games when it is all said and done.

As each year passed, I grew as a fan. I wanted to get more involved with my favorite football team. I started buying gear and watching lots and lots of Bucs videos. I still remember the first time my Father showed me the Bucs super bowl DVD (AKA my favorite movie of all time). It was so great to see the defense absolutely destroy offenses. I hope the Bucs can get back to that form this season. When I started researching the Bucs and watching video I learned a lot of things and one of the most important things I learned is that this team has one of the best fan bases in the NFL. They are loyal, they are respectful and they carry a big stick!!! I am proud to write for a great fan base like this one. That completes my story, this team is my passion and one thing in my life that will never go away. 

What to expect from me

I am excited to be back for this upcoming season and I will continue “5 bold predictions” that will be out a couple of days before the game and my “top 5, bottom 5” after the game! I can’t wait to meet new fans and continue to grow as a fan myself.


That’s all folks, that’s me. I am a fan with passion and that passion will only get greater with the season the Bucs are expected to have. I wanna thank Derek and the other guys we have one more time for not only giving me this opportunity but to also welcome me back for another season. I hope it is the start of a great season and some great articles from everyone here at WTB. I would also like to thank all the WTB fans for accepting me as a writer. I know it’s not easy to take a 15 year old seriously but you guys really make my day whenever I see positive comments about my articles. Thank you so much and Go Bucs!!

Evan Wanish

16 year old with aspirations of becoming a writer or contributor to some form of media. I have been a Bucs fan my whole life and have followed the team's every move. My goal is to develop as a writer as this is what I would like to do as a career when I get older. I hope to become one of the best writers here, at the end of the day the WTB team is one family and we are glad to have you visiting the website. I hope that everyone enjoys the content myself and the rest of our great writers are able to put out. I would also like to thank Derek 'Old School' Fournier for giving me the platform and helping me in taking the first step to writing and covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. GO BUCS!

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