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Bucs Camp 2018 – Tuesday, July 31 Video Reviews

Today was a beautiful day. The weather was spectacular and it ended with a visit to the media room from Warren Sapp. Today I was focused on the 1:1 sessions and extended for the offensive line. I will send out a few of those and post them to the channel. The battles were pretty even today and in 11:11. where those activities are supposed to bear fruit, the ebb and flow was back and forth. Offense owned the first set. Defense owned the second and the third was pretty even.

Mitch Unrein continually did the right thing today. The new defensive line additions are all upfield, impact players and it is clear the coaching staff wants that. Will Gholston had yet another bad practice which is sad to me as I like Will but when the coach says, “You act like you don’t want to hit him,” you know there is an issue.

Godwin and Rojo popped today on offense and Evans / Howard appear to be willing to crush souls to catch the ball. Donovan Smith had a great practice until, he seemed to take a rep off and get whipped so badly i had to double check that it was Smith. It is NOT  physical. It is mental. He had previously been dominant.

Anyway, we will have a podcast and show this week. Details to follow.


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