Bucs Camp: Day 1

Camp is OPEN

As you guys are aware, my life really only progresses when football is being played. All offseason we wait for a chance to see the Red and Pewter take the field and whether we wait with optimism or pessimism, excitement is still always present. Today, I collected my normal set of tools: camera, laptop, notebook, tickets, sunscreen and hopes for a better season and prepared to get to 1 Buc Place early as crap in an effort to get a great seat and watch the team that we all love.

Last night provided a ton of excitement. It looks as though Donald Penn will be signed and in camp directly and as I posted, that has got to make Josh Freeman feel better. With Bradford signing a colossal deal, Mr. McCoy should be able to get his ass in camp as well. All the pieces are there. Now it is up to Coach Morris to get these guys to transform into a team.

Here on Day 1, I saw the following tidbits that I thought you all might be interested in:

  • Donald Penn and Gerald McCoy both were signed. Donald was in pads and on the field, though I did not actually see him take any reps.
  • The team looks fast. All positions. The foot speed is evident.
  • Mike Williams flashes. All of the reports early about him making spectacular grabs were accurate. Sadly, he also had some drops (see downside)
  • Our offense looked like garbage. Both the plays that were being run and the execution was horrible.
  • Peanut still cannot hold onto the rock. Light contact and multiple fumbles spells an open door for Huggy Bear.
  • Most receivers currently cannot catch (I read somewhere that was important)
  • Josh (Freeman) is still staring down his primary read
  • Brian Price is a BEAST. This probably should have been first but DAMN. He is very fast and disruptive. So much so that he overshadowed a good practice by Roy Miller

The Event

Well, there was certainly a crowd gathered as the faithful showed up to support their squad. Sadly, the faithful seem to be a bunch of sissies as walking constantly back and forth (and back and forth) the water / Gatorade booth and/or restroom seemed to be the most popular activity of the day. Yes. It was hot. Africa hot.

YOU ARE IN FLORIDA IN THE DAMN SUMMER! Come prepared or stay your candy-asses at home.

At any rate, there is only one set of stands. Get to camp early, get your drinks and get your seat. One concession stand in the SW corner. Security did nothing to get people to sit down, so front row seats are not particular useful if you want to see the action. I recommend a higher vantage point. The team did a great job spending time on autographs.

The Team

I am very concerned with the offense. I will have a week to get my perspective. I hope that things improve and I have better feedback as the week progresses. We have a young and talented team. The question will be whether or not the team can be led and crafted into a cohesive unit.


"Here's to good memories, ounce by ounce." --Matt Westerman Currently hosting an Internet Radio/TV show called "What the Buc?" covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! We are having a blast and would love to get feedback from you folks on it.

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