Bucs @ Titans: Second Quarter Review

Stylez G. White makes a great play to deflect then intercept the Collins pass.

Fourth Possession

WOW! Leftwich is not scared folks. Two plays, two throws and a Touchdown. The first one cold have been picked, but he went right back to the seam and got the TD/


Collins is still in and tries to go to the fly route targeting Nate Washington. Torrie Cox had good coverage and Sabby had help. Nice rush on second down and after the flush, Stylez G. gets the sack and a BIG LOSS> Dre Moore with the flush. Stylez G. OWNED this series

A hold in the endzone on the punt results in a safety!

Fifth Possession

Good field position after the free kick for Byron Leftwich. Lefty goes to Play Action and overthrows Stovall by two steps or it would have been another TD. Holy CRAP. Jags is not scared. Nice check down by Leftwich to D. Ward who makes a nice move and gets us to 3rd and short. Shotgun and a pass to Stovall on a fade stop against press coverage. Mo has GOT to go get that ball. The fact that Byron threw it is good. He will give receivers a chance to make the play. Maurice should have made it.

Another nice punt pins the Titans back on the 10 yard line.


Vince Young makes his appearance. Defense bottles up the runner and SWARMS to the ball. Lynch mentions it on the broadcast. Roy Miller is plugging the middle and brings Lendale White down. The first string offensive line for the Titans is going against our second team. VY drifts back to throw a screen but the defense OWNS the play!

Block in the back by Biggers backs up the team after a crappy return.

Sixth Possession

Byron goes to the deep out, Hankton the target. He drops it. Illegal formation (Hankton). Peanut gets a snap at RB and makes good yardage. Smith with a nice run on the draw out of the shotgun. This kind of running will allow PA to be more effective. Nice pocket presence by Lefty on the check down to Smith for more yards. 2nd and three is PERFECT for play action. Byron flushed left and hits Stovall in the hands.

Dropped. Mo, this is not how you make the team.

2nd and 10 – Leftwich gets hit in the knee delivering a perfect throw to Gilmore….DROPPED!

Lefty got hit in the knee and has a distinct hitch in his giddy up. Timeout called. He comes back in so we have to assume he is OK.

Leftwich under pressure and takes a sack for a 17 yard loss.


VY to Britt on the long throw. Safety, Allen tried to kill him but Britt held onto the ball. This will happen this year guys. In press coverage, the receiver will win sometimes. VY looking pretty good on this drive. Defense is making good tackles. We have a to of reserves in at this point. Kenny Britt is getting open. Torrie makes a good open field tackle, but Britt gets the first down.

GREAT work on defense! Will Allen puts a big lick on Henry. Allen looks like he might have a shoulder stinger. Great play in the flat by Heyward and a better scoop by 38. D Line continues to impress and force a FG attempt. Will Allen hits the locker room for an inspection.

Bironas is money. Score is 9-6.

Seventh Possession

3:23 left and we go to the draw for Clifton Smith. Smith again for a nice gain. Word on Will Allen is a shoulder injury. My guess (and I sound lie a Doctor from time to time) is a stinger.

Another drop by Hankton on 3rd down that would have been a first down. Cortez…say bye bye.

Defense (2:00 Minute warning)

Nice tackle by Geno Hayes and pressure in general on this drive. VY looks rushed. WOW! The center for the Titans is HORRIBLE. Multiple bad snaps and one that does not make it to the QB in the shotgun. He recovers and tries to lateral it to White. White kicks the ball out of bounds.

Eighth Possession

Two Minute Drill

Lefty to Stovall on the in route. Incomplete pass to Huggins (pass was accurate, Huggins dropped it). Busted play (RB screwed up)

Ed Hochuli calls “Picked up the QB and STUFFED HIM IN THE GROUND!” Free first down and nice call.

Leftwich to Huggins and Morris calls timeout.

Huggins again on the catch and sets up a Nugent 50 yard kick. This is why he was brought in and he NAILED IT! Score 12-3 Bucs


Man, Luke is in trouble. Byron looked VERY solid. The defense stepped up and played very well. Stylez G. was on fire and Dre Moore and Roy Miller put in good work. Clifton Smith has shown some nice moves every time he gets the ball.

This was a good first half that conveyed a great deal of information.

QB Battle: Leftwich is CLEARLY in the lead. Running game looked weak until D. Ward and Clifton Smith came in. The defense looks much better than I expected thus far.

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