Why OldSchool and the WTB Team are on Patreon

We have been at this game for a long time. In our 11th year, WTB has been bootstrapped by individuals and kept alive through amazing support by local and distant fans. As the platform has grown, so has the mission.

Started as a way for me to vent, WTB has turned into a pretty amazing group of people bordering on a movement. Along the line, we have been able to meet great people, interview some of our favorite stars, put on a terrestrial radio show, appear on television, have multiple members of our group be inducted in the Professional Football’s Ultimate Fan Association, receive some pretty prestigious awards and launch our own charitable organization.

Our goal is to make sure as much of the money that we bring in can get directly to the charities we are working with. To fund that and to allow us to increase our voice, we are looking for other ways to fund operating expenses. For years listeners have asked for a way to help and we tried the DONATE button and things like that but this model seems like the right fit.

Funds raised via Patreon will be used for monthly spend on web hosting, podcast hosting, tool license fees and subscriptions as well as any 3rd party resources that need to be leveraged. For a decade, much of that was self funded (painfully), begged for or coerced out of people.

Eventually those people stop answering the phone.


So, take a look at our levels. I hope you find a spot you are comfortable with and really appreciate anything you do (even if it is nothing. I am still amazed people give a shit what I say!)

Head over and see if you wold like to become a cornerstone to what we do!



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A English Buc from Liverpool.
Recently married Buc who loves his NFL (can’t call it football being a Brit). Fell in love with the Bucs while on a family holiday many years ago. Favourite player is Ali (the beast) Marpet!