Help Wanted! (and other news) – UPDATE!

UPDATE: The Bucs announced the signing of Marcus Hamilton (ex Buc CB) and Corey Lynch (S) to bolster the decimated secondary. Hamiltion spent time with the Bucs after being drafted by Tampa but was snagged by the Bears. When he was here, I was not particularly impressed with him (others were), but at this point, we need bodies.

Corey Lynch comes by way of Cincy, the hospital and App State. Again, beggars can’t be chosers I suppose.


Jermaine PhillipsAnyone know a good safety looking for work? As you may have read, Buccaneers Safety,  Linebacker, Safety, Jermaine Phillips, broke his thumb against Buffalo and has been put on Injured Reserve. I watched the game twice and despite my appreciation of all ‘Flip’ brings to the game (I do think his injury last year was more instrumental in the defensive decline than Kiffin’s departure), I did not see any instances where he actually wrapped up on a tackle using his hands. That leaves me a little perplexed about how he broke his thumb. Regardless, it is broken and apparently, the injury is severe enough that he will once again, hit IR. This leaves the safety ranks painfully (see the play on words?) thin especially after the Bucs released Steve Cargile. That move leaves us Will Allen and Sabby Piscitelli at the safety spot.

My guess is that the recipe for improvement in the defensive backfield does not involve the relegation of a starter to IR and one of the few other players who has been in camp to the unemployment line. I am hoping to see some semblance of this ‘plan’ the FO keeps taking about and better see it soon. I am not sure with all of the budget cuts if the staff at 1 Buc has a calender, but we have a game this week against the Giants. That passing offense put up 330 yds on Dallas (and even beat them! Note to the staff, stats other than the score, while interesting, do not mean a thing)

In other news, I am a finalist in a contest to win a trip to London to see the Bucs and Patriots play! The drawing will be finalized at the Dubliner North in Tampa so a few of us are going to get together for drinks. If you are interested, come on by and we will talk some Bucs football over pints (something we may have to do a LOT this season!). Due to this Thursday thing, the Thursday show will be moving to Friday at 7:00 PM. No worries, bring your date, friend, mom stiff drink to the computer. Why go out on Friday night anyway?


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