Just like the Bucs in NOLA, we plan on showing up tonight!

Well, even the most ardent and biased fan could not have truly expected a win this weekend against the 13-1 New Orleans Saints but fortunately and despite a horrible first half of football, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made some people rich in Vegas Sunday. The 20-17 OT victory provided another brief spot of happiness in an overwhelmingly depressing season. The continued improvement of the defense against a team that has, let’s say, a powerful offense, is a cornerstone for growth. I know the naysayers are still pounding their chests about how horrible everything is and how the coaching staff has the intellect of the produce section at Publix, (regional reference to a super market….use Kroger or Safeway if it makes you happier) but the team does seem to be showing some distinct signs of improvement.

This week we will have our normal Monday show going over the predictive MVP’s, the Keys to the game and reviewing the tape. Make sure you get your Skulls and Swords in early here.

Discussion topics this week will include

  1. Is this really improvement or is the team as bad as it looked in the first 3/4 of the season?
  2. Are you excited about the Cowher rumors?
  3. A 100 yard rusher? Good play by the OLine or outstanding effort by Caddy?
  4. Freeman: Is he the answer or do we know yet?
  5. Is it me or does Antonio Bryant seem like a whiny bitch? (I know Spent agrees)

We will be live tonight (Monday) at 7:00 PM right here. Tell your friends to join us (and you show up too!)


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