Live tonight AND tomorrow! Seahawks on the Menu (Screw PETA)

Never concerned about being politically correct, we are making a menu for the weekend and Seahawk better be the main course! After a DISGUSTING outing on offense versus the Jets last week, even a diehard, pewter glasses wearing freak like me was repulsed. I get it. Losing sucks. You guys are paid a ludicrous amount of money to play a game. I do not question that as it is tied to revenue. Get as much as you can gentleman. But, as a fan, I expect every play you are in on to be run at the your maximum efficiency and effort. Giving up is not acceptable. As for the bitterness from RaRa, screw that too. You are the leader. LEAD! You do NOT get to whine and bitch about anyone, reporters included. In Seattle this week, the Bucs can redeem themselves on the effort side by playing a strong game on both sides of the ball.

We will talk about the upcoming game tonight at 7:00 PM right here as well as on the “Big Boy” radio dial, 1010 AM here in the Tampa Bay area for the Morning Show on Friday (7:00 AM – 9:00 AM). The fine crew there have been nice enough to ask me to come in and tempt fate with the FCC yet again and as a budding media whore (I am in Captain Bones training class), I was all over it!

Topics for tonight include:

  1. News from around the league
  2. Injury Updates
  3. Discussion Points
    1. Have you given up and why?
    2. If you have tickets, are you going to the Falcons game?
    3. What will it take to bring you back?
    4. Are you still encouraged by Josh Freeman?
    5. What would you do with guys whose effort level is in the crapper?
  4. Seattle Seahawks Deep Dive
  5. Bucs “Self Evaluation of Ourselves”
  6. Keys to the Game
  7. Predictive MVP’s
  8. Pewter Prognostication

Get your predictive MVPs and scores into the email box questions AT whatthebuc DOT net.

REMINDER: We have a LIVE SHOW this weekend at O’Houstons Irish Pub! Get your asses out there and enjoy the food and drink specials with other depressed but passionate Bucs fans! Eddie and the team do a great job as hosts so come experience it live! We will have a Pregame, Haltime and Postgame show as well as live Internet chat.


"Here's to good memories, ounce by ounce." --Matt Westerman Currently hosting an Internet Radio/TV show called "What the Buc?" covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! We are having a blast and would love to get feedback from you folks on it.

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