Need a Break

Hey Guys. No show tonight. To be honest, and this should not come as a surprise to many of you who have followed my Tweets and Periscopes but my position on the franchise is not the prevailing one. I believe we are headed in the right direction. I am not going to use this post to try and sway those citing wins and losses comparing regimes or any of the other threads. I will not make this about people wanting what they cite as passion or attacking what they claim is indifference. Differing opinions are wonderful. That said, I do not, at this point, have the energy to debate the same bullshit. With the fall of one of the last strongholds of Buccaneer football sanity recently, most outlets have completely converted to the TMZ-like crap that the masses seem to crave. Shit, I used to do some stuff like that too. Not of the same reasons mind you, but I was uninformed and less aware. I respect that people have to pay the bills and am fortunate that driving hits and agreeing with the masses means nothing to me.

Moral to the story is I need a break. Enjoy calling for Lovie’s head, promoting Koetter, vilifying all pro’s and hanging on press conferences while drawing conclusions from lack of analysis if that is what you care to do. For me, I am going to enjoy a few weeks not doing that and trying to find a way to better articulate some core concepts that I believe about this game we all love so much.

On the positive side, our last tailgate was a success and looks to have raised over $1,000.00 for AFI! We will present those funds this week and be planning our Annual Golf Tournament soon so please do keep an eye out.

I am off to read about Rob Chudzinski’s great head coaching career. #zing



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