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You guys know that I am known as the thread killer. On our Social Media venues and our Chatting Forum (less formal because, you know, we are formal!), the threads have gone NUTS over the latest fashion trend at 1 Buc Place. I have seen almost every major and minor media outlet broadcast their take on the new get-up.

I am CLEARLY no fashion mogul nor designer. I am a pretty typical sports fan I think. I have a pile of jerseys form the Bucs in various flavors. I think the best way for me to convey my opinion is as follows:

  1. Did we need a change?

Need is subjective LIKE ALMOST EVERYTHING HERE. Change is not necessarily bad but to be honest, I loves our current uniforms. I thought we had a great looking combination. I never really cared for the Pewter Pants because they got pretty gross looking as soon as the guys, well, moved. (See later comments)

  1. Do I like the change that was made?

No. I don’t. I am old(ish). I am not a fan of all the dancing baloney on the new style uniforms. I have seen comments likening them to XFL or AFL uniforms but to be honest, they look like what Nike and other manufactures are moving toward at all levels.


NOTE: I am not emotional about the change unlike what appears to be the majority of the fanbase. I have seen hatred and cries for public involvement in the process. Given the site “People of WalMart,” I think you know where I sit on generic focus groups. While I was not consulted (see above about my fashion prowess) I would not be surprised if some fans were consulted. The problem is that uniform design is simply another form of ART. The appreciation of it is ENTIRELY SUBJECTIVE.


Definition: based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions.


Ergo (I sound smart, huh?) there is no right answer.


Things I don’t like:

  • The font. Don’t really dislike the numbers so much though most Nike Uniform Fonts are hideous. The Alarm Clock mode does not bother me. I hate the new official font that is now display on the sleeve with the word “BucS” I think the font plus the asymmetry of the sleeves is what is pissing me off there.
  • “Flat” look – The colors all look flat in stark contrast to our fancy new chrome facemask. They may look great in person and certainly look better in the video than in the stills.

Things I do Like:

  • The use of our orange as the trim. I think many of us expected it but I think it is classy and understated and pays more of a tribute to our original uniforms than the previous version.
  • The “Pewter” color choice. I know some feel it is too dark. I like the darker look and hope it eliminates the sweat issue.

Overall it does not impact me one way or the other. I know a lot of people buy a lot of jerseys and this makes them immediately out of date. Welcome to marketing. These things happen. After all, it could have been worse!



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