No Show Tonight: Since the defense disappeared, we will too.

As we mentioned before the sad ending to the Dolphins game this week, since we did three shows Sunday, The Doc and I are taking tonight off. We want to thank all the folks who came out and enjoyed O’Houstons with us Sunday. We will most definitely be going back to Largo before the end of the year!

A few quick observations that can be delved into in greater depth Thursday night (or on our YouTube Channel)

  1. Josh Freeman continues to impress. I know, I was against the pick. I know, I thought he looked like ass in Training Camp. Right now, he looks solid. The end of the year will be good to determine how solid he is once teams have tape on him.
  2. Our offensive line needs a serious kick in the ass. If they cannot produce, everyone on that line better be worried about their job (Except Donald Penn who better get PAID)
  3. Maurice Stovall, despite his drop, continues to play well and deserves more targets.
  4. Michael Clayton should be deactivated. When he is targeted bad things normally happen. It is so often the case that he is no longer targeted regularly. Nothing like a bad team playing most other better teams 10 on 11.
  5. Greg Olsen is a very, very bad offensive coordinator. (Sorry, nothing new here. He may be John Keating (reference?) with quarterbacks, but as a coordinator he is very bad)
  6. Jim Bates better find out how to close a game out or he may need to find a moving truck.
  7. K2, even with the penalty and the drop, is a stud.
  8. Two words…Connor Barth.

I will be posting some content on YouTube this week and our Facebook page continues to grow with more posts per day and more activity. If you are not a fan, please consider becoming one. Oh, and to those of you who bought hats this Sunday, thank you very much for the support!


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