Our new partner: Beef’s (Auburndale) – LADIES DRINK FREE 9 – 11PM

While we still have our crack squad of lawyers working on the details of what will clearly be a lucrative contract, we are confident in announcing this partnership early. Well, early may be an overstatement as we plan to be live from this new location for Thursday’s show!

Never strangers to good drinks and better atmosphere and in an attempt to connect with our Polk County roots, the WTB? crew will descend on lovely downtown Auburndale (SHUT UP! It is lovely assholes. You should come over and see it. It makes your weak ass Inverness look like, well, INVERNESS!) The Doctor and I are both products of this throwback to a simpler time, where people actually know one another and you can run into your second grade teacher at the Shake Shoppe (yes, it is spelled that way) Anywhoo…

We will be broadcasting from this location Thursday and covering the rules and setup for the WTB? FFL. It will not be free this year folks (and if you already sent mail that you wanted to be in, you better pray we set the price low because that legal team says you guys are already committed!). We will set up some sort of fair and equitable structure geared toward bragging rights over retirement. We will also be tlaking about the notes we have been receiving from the “Real Media” about camp and the depth chart (that you all got a preview of on Monday as we were right on the money with almost every spot (Except Peanut who, rumor has it, is on the trading blocks).

For those of you unfamiliar with Polk County (or with maps, or the internet), the address is:

102 West Polk Street

Auburndale, FL   33823

Map to the location

Beef’s Facebook Page (Go ahead and become a Fan!)

Did I mention that ladies drink free from 9 – 11 PM?


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