Our newest contributor: The Spiffster (Gator fan extraordinaire)

As you regulars know, we have needed help for a long time. Our journalistic chops are, let’s say, a little dull (we are far better at inciting near riots and concocting alcoholic beverages). So when we wanted to branch out into some other local sports coverage, we naturally asked somebody else to do it for us. After an exhaustive search (and ridiculous panel interview), we have our Gator writer. So here, in his own words (yea, no females applied or he would have gotten his ass kicked) is The Spiffster:

The Spiffster (aka Alex)My love for the Gators was instilled in me since birth. Being born and raised in Gainesville is something that almost guarantees Gator football being in your blood. Though it took me until just 5 years ago that I began my devout Gator fanhood, I have not looked back since. Since Urban Meyer’s arrival I have not missed watching one single game.

Sure, some might find me a tad bit cynical when it comes to the Gators. (Those who knew me in ’06 can still hear me screaming about Chris Leak “killing drives with bonehead decisions”.) But, l love this team and nothing brings me greater joy than watching the Gators stomp some poor team 70-0. I’ll accept 35-14 too, but just as long as we do it smart.

When it comes to pro sports, I take mostly after my Chicago native father, so I am a White Sox, Bulls, and Blackhawks fan. In the NFL, I’m a Tennessee Titans fan. If you are sitting there wondering how that came to be, look no further than the late great Steve McNair.

In my personal life, I occupy my time playing drums in various Gainesville bands and attending UF where I major in (what else) journalism with the intention of (what else) becoming a sports journalist. I also enjoy long walks on the beach and the company of good friends.

And Gator domination.


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