49’ers Preview – Audio is Sketchy

First off I want to apologize. While this show has never had very high production value, the audio this week was ROUGH. Not language-wise, but levels. I did the best I could do to clean it up and it is bearable but please do not hold it against me even though it is most certainly my fault. Despite all of that, we still talk about the 49’ers and what has to happen on teh West Coast for this team to continue its ascension.

If you can fight through that crap, the stuff we talk about if pretty good. We had Mark Cook in as usual and this week NO JAIL STORY! We were also joined by Steven Cheah for film breakdown from the first five games. The conversation led to a prediction of a win by both hosts and eyes on Jameis and Cam on offense while Lavonte and VH3 are targeted for big games on defense.