PG-13 Falcons Review and Bears PReview

Listen. It was not easy to review what happened in the 3rd quarter for the Bucs vs. the Falcons without touching on NC 17 content. We really expected a better showing but a devastating 3rd quarter and continual degradation of the play from our LB’s doomed this game. Jameis played well but not well enough. Mike Evans was a freaking BEAST. This strange read option needs to be shot in the head and our receivers need to set their depth on screens to avoid penalties.

  1. Offensive MVP
    1. Cook: Jameis
    2. Fisher: Evans
    3. OldSchool: Brate
  2. Defensive MVP
    1. Cook: Ayers
    2. Fisher: GMac
    3. OldSchool: Kwon
  3. Score Prediction
    1. Cook: 31-17 – Bucs
    2. Fisher: 17-16 – Bucs
    3. OldSchool: 31-17 – Bucs