Week 1 Abomination with Steve White (EXPLICIT)

I started looking for pictures of shit on the ground to encapsulate my feelings about this game and got discouraged when I realized I would have to pay for them. Instead I would encourage you to watch the ALL22 of the game again. It looked roughly the same as multiple hours of staring at a pile of shit.

This show featured Steve White who was brutally honest as always and there is plenty to be upset over. This week we have to see some execution (not the McKay type) or we are in for another ass whipping. Fortunately, I may be so drunk at the game in NOLA that I don’t care (not really, I almost never drink during a game).

Take a listen and let us know what you think. My Sword went to Doug Martin and the Skull went to Lovie because he is the ring leader of this godawful circus right now.