Two Weeks in…I am afraid so I called Steve White

I am the eternal optimist. That said, I am deathly afraid. I am in fear for the life and limb of our quarterbacks. All of them. I have tons of things I am excited about as well but watching the Dolphins game made me more angry and concerned than anything else.

That being the case I called in one of the guys I trust who actually knows about that game. I called old friend of the program, Steve White (@sgw94 on Twitter). He helped out with some level headed assessments that I think you guys will enjoy. Take a listen, interact and spread the word. Love to have you at our live shows. Stay tuned here to know showtimes.

Vote Javorskie Lane! #ijs

My Notes

  • Our blocking (not just the offensive line) is still horrible.
    • No discipline
    • No consistency
    • No real holes created or cutback lanes
    • Very little time for any quarterback
  • Fundamentals are poor
    • Loads of Missed Tackles (8 according to PFF but it seemed like far more)
    • Crappy blocking by Receivers and Tight Ends
    • Dropped Passes
  • Solomon Patton pisses me off
    • Very solid in the return game. Fearless
    • Drops in the passing game. REALLY?
  • Javorskie Lane is the answer for the first half
    • The line is not there. The TE’s are not really there. Use 2 backs and let Javorskie kill people
    • Screen where he blocks not one but two players for Doug Martin
  • Evans will be just fine
  • Receivers CANNOT give up on a play
    • McCown can (and will HAVE to ) extend plays. You have got to work your way back to the QB