Raiders Review – Highs and Lows and Falcons vs Bucs Talk

This is the calm show. We discuss what happened against the Raiders, why it is not a reason to jump off the Skyway and we preview the Falcons / Bucs game. Our predictions last week all sucked but that did not hing to sdisuade us from predicitng stuff again this week.

This week the folks predicted:

  1. Offensive MVP
    1. Cook: Jameis
    2. Fisher: Evans
    3. OldSchool: Jameis
  2. Defensive MVP
    1. Cook: Ayers
    2. Fisher: Kwon
    3. OldSchool: Kwon
  3. Score Prediction
    1. Cook: 34-28 – Bucs
    2. Fisher: 27-6 – Falcons (Missed XP Aguayo)
    3. OldSchool: 27-17 Bucs