Size Matters! Long show on Raiders preview – Mildly Spicy

Man, you guys asked about it and we brought out all of the big guns. Tonight we were joined by Mark Cook (@MarkCook1970 and @PewterReport) as well as Chris Fisher (@BBPChris) Corey Long (@CoreyLong from the AP). We knew we would need more time so the 2 hour MEGA SHOW commenced. The Raiders were the focus but we also covered the game versus the 49ers.

This week the folks predicted:

  1. Offensive MVP
    1. Cook: Evans
    2. Fisher: Evans
    3. OldSchool: Rodgers
  2. Defensive MVP
    1. Cook: GMac
    2. Fisher: VH3
    3. OldSchool: Grimes
  3. Score Prediction
    1. Cook: 27-12 Raiders
    2. Fisher: 31-27 Bucs
    3. OldSchool: 34-27 Bucs

This show had highs and lows but a lot of fun. Hope you enjoyed it.