Ran into Adrian Clayborn in AZ!

While out covering the Cuervo Games (more on this later) I was fortunate enough to run into newest Buccaneers First Round selection, Adrian Clayborn and he was nice enough to entertain an interview. Here it is. The audio quality is a bit dicey, but I think you will get the gist.

He is STOKED to be a Buc and ready to get to work. On a side note, as a VIP for this event (yea, I have no idea how that happened but please don’t tell anyone how NOT VIP I am!) I got to hang around a few of the players who were in attendance and let me tell you, those guys were all a blast. They were there to judge the Maxim Hometown Hottie competition (Yes, I offered to help as well but they have some thing they call “standards.” Whatever.) The competition was outstanding and the event was even better. But for me, the fanboy geek, meeting the newest Buc may have been the highpoint.


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