Reggie Brown and the State of the Union – Show Thursday too!

OK, so the Bucs made a splash in free agency after all! We sent a 2011 6th Round draft pick to Philly for one time 2nd Round pick, Reggie Brown. While Brown’s output has dropped off over the last two years, his stat sheet seems to still put him at the top of our depth chart no matter how you slice it. Is he Anquan Boldin? Nope. Not even close. Is he a clear upgrade to Brian Clark, Yamon Figurs and Mike Clayton? Seems like it.

What is more interesting to me is the fans reaction. At this point, I am not sure anything the FO can do will quell the hatred for ownership. Not that I really care (but they should) but it is odd to me. They came out and said that the Bucs would not be a big player in Free Agency. They sid that the plan was to build through the draft. Now, once Free Agency started and we are not a player, the crowd is displeased. This team is a mess. We need better talent almost everywhere. Adding one or two big play guys will not fix anything. Now if the Glazers spending money for the sake of spending money will somehow make you happy, then here’s to ya. Right now, I would rather focus on accumulating young talent (no guarantee on any of it of course) and get the squad to the point where one or two guys can make the difference.

The ironic thing is that it seems many of the people most upset right now are the same ones that think the FO is a crew of mental midgets and the head coach may be the shortest of the crew. If that is your stance, then no Free Agents fix that short of new ownership and a new FO. So own your anger. Losing sucks. But please stop masking it and rebranding on every single action or inaction. It is clearly your right to voice your disapproval. Whether you do that verbally, in profanity laced tirades on message boards or by not going to the games, they are all valid outlets.

But for the love of all that is holy, be consistent.

We will be discussing this and much more this Thursday night at 7:00 PM for our weekly show. Tune in right here and join the fun. We never agree but we always have a great time talking about sports and specifically, our Buccaneers.


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