Scattershot: Halftime Review vs. Titans

We’ve officially suffered through one half of football, and I’m going to be honest with you guys. It looked like absolute shit. Now slow your roll, because it’s not time to “Blame Jameis,” “Fire Lovie,” or whatever other ridiculous overreaction you want to throw out.

That being said, the facts remain that the first half was far from what the Bucs wanted to see. Marcus Mariota looks like a seasoned veteran with four touchdowns, and it’s largely due to the defense falling flat on whatever they’re trying to do.

The offensive line looks like they can hold on same plays, but seems to collapse and leave Winston to be mugged on others. Austin Seferian-Jenkins gave us hope with his one touchdown from Jameis, but a pair of interceptions and an overall lack of production has squashed most of it.

The most important thing for fans to do right now is CALM THE FUCK DOWN. Yes, it looks bad. It looks REALLY bad, but it’s one half of one game. There is an entire half of football and an entire rest of the season left. Let’s look at things intelligently after all is said and done, and move on from this bonfire.

Below is the current halftime score, and a first impression sword and skull based on the first half alone. After that, let’s get back to some football. Actually, pray. Pray first, then football.

Halftime Score: Titans up, 35-7

First Half Sword: Austin Seferian-Jenkins
Great catch and a great touchdown, small ray of light in the darkness.

First Half Skull: Lovie Smith
Do I need to get a dictionary and read you the definition of defense?