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Hello all! As you should be aware, we tweet. We started out with a MySpace account and after successful litigation, have been cleared of any and all stalking charges that were levied (NOTE: That was an attempt at humor). Now we are trying to get this whole new fangled Facebook thing going. So, to that end, you now see a Facebook Fan box on the right. If you are on Facebook (and we know that you all are!), please show us support and become a fan. We will try and make sure we keep the content fresh in all mediums. If you are a Facebook ninja and have tips for how we can use this tool to broaden our reach, please let us know. We may be old dogs but we are looking for new tricks.

Could the Bucs be intersted?
Could the Bucs be interested?

On Bucs related news, when speaking with Mike Pepper on the Morning Show this AM I asked about the WR situation. With Antonio Bryant noticeably limping in the tunnel post the loss to the Dallas Cowboys, will (or should) the Bucs be out looking for a guy like Hank Baskett who the Eagles are reportedly trying to move ion order to clear roster space for Jeff Garcia? Are you folks comfortable with Clark and Clayton as our 1 and 2? He certainly is not a number one receiver yet, but he has shown good skills and might be an upgrade to Clark. His compensation is not that significant historically though he is on a 1 year offer this year (Excerpt from USA Today Salary Guide).

Face it folks, we will be throwing the ball this year. Not because we have to because the run is not working, but because this offense and this team want to be seen as and act aggressively. In order to get that to work, you need receivers who are a threat. Nobody in the league is awake right now trying to figure out how to contain Maurice Stovall and Brian Clark.


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