Support our Prostate! (with a Moustache or cash! – Or both!)

As many of you have heard, this month is special. Like last month was dedicated to raising awareness for Breast Cancer, this month is all about Prostate Cancer. While not nearly as fun to think about as breasts, the prostate is pretty damned important (stop with the puns here!) and the second most common from of cancer in men behind lung cancer. Data shows 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Net/Net, this is serious.

Like anything serious, we have to make light of it. The goal is to raise money to help out our friends and loved ones who may, at some point, be diagnosed. To do this, we have partnered with tmr Agency and formed a Movember Team. We will be growing Moustaches to support this research!

“What can I do to help?” – Great question! Visit the page and join us and/or donate. We know times are tough, but this is important stuff so dammit, break out the credit card and throw some money at a great cause. While you are at it, why not join the fight and the team and spread the word to your circles! It is EASY to do (kind of like beating the Panthers seems to be this year…I kid because I love!). Click here and help save people.

You never know when those people may be your loved ones.

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