T Jack – FAIL

You guys all know how much we think of Tanard on the field. That is not a question. And while I am sure there are folks who struggle with chemical dependency that need help and cannot get it, T Jack is not one. This suspension (assuming the tests were valid…see, I am trying to be PC because when you say certain things around here people accuse you of fabricating stories) is in the class of ultimate selfishness. Being a teammate means thinking of the team above yourself. Every single thing you do or say not only reflects on you but more importantly on the team. That is why when Trueblood gets the stupid penalties we get pissed. I get it, you are defending your teammate. But you are hurting your TEAM. By being involved with whatever chemical caused this latest failure, Tanard Jackson said “Screw you,” to his team. His family (as any real team becomes one).

By all outward appearances, NFL players have a robust network of people to get assistance from. Money is not an object. Time is not an object. Access to professionals is not an object. When this happened the first time, the suspension led to big words about getting things right and not letting his teammates down. He alluded to this being an issue from college that he still needed to work on. Well, the fact is that people are pretty fogiving. When someone screws up they are usually given the benefit of the doubt. When they screw up again but they seem genuine in a desire to get things fixed up, people are forgiving. When they are a talented professional athlete, sometimes people will forgive anything. I get the feeling that may change this time.

In this city.

You see, despite an Tanard being an immense talent, this town (or at least the 38K or so in this town that care) is getting personal with their team again. The new folks have had to live through some adversity. The bond between the city and the team is being formed again. When this happens, players that see themselves above the team are outcasts. Whether by accident or choice, there is no room for that mentality. So as much as it hurts to say, and as much as I love the game Tanard brings, I am done with T Jack and I think the team that I love should be too.

Before you say, “What about forgiveness,” or any variant thereof, remember I am not making a moral judgement. People are fallible. We all make mistakes. I sincerely hope that Tanard gets whatever help he needs and gets his life right. But at some point, he has to do that on his own. At some point, the players that are making the right choices must be rewarded or at the very least, stop seeing the ones making the wrong ones go without any consequences.

Are more talented with him? Absolutely. Might we be a better team without him? Just maybe.

Good luck Tanard either way. You will clearly need it.


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