The Biggest Losers!

As I stood there Sunday afternoon in the south endzone, watching the clock hit all zeros and looking at the jumbo scoreboard in Raymond James Stadium read “Redskins 16 Buccaneers 3”,  I couldn’t help but ponder… Why do I do this to myself week in and week out, year after year? Why do I spend …Read More

Bucs Fans, Let’s Be Better!

So I’m sitting here watching “NFL Football Fanatic”  on the NFL Network. It’s a show about a man from Scotland who travels around to various NFL cities and talks to fans, players and coaches, attends tailgates and takes part in team traditions as he tries to decide which NFL team he likes most. So far, …Read More

It’s a Bucs Life!

Difficulty sleeping? Racing pulse? Feeling warm? Bucs Fever is spreading like wildfire and it’s evident by the many different Buccaneer fan groups popping up all over Facebook as well as all over the country. From the fast growing “Buccaholics”  to the “Buccaneers Invasion”  in Atlanta, there is no shortage of places or pages for Bucs …Read More

Unplugging the Chargers. How the Bucs Can Get the “W” in San Diego!

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are making the cross country trek to San Diego for yet another West Coast road trip, their third of the season. They split the other two trips with a lopsided 40-7 loss to the 4-6-1 Cardinals in Week 2, and then a convincing 34-17 win against the 1-10 Niners in Week …Read More