NFC South Round Up

The NFL owners and coaches are meeting this week in Orlando. After the owners meeting, typically all focus shifts to the NFL Draft and you’ll just minor back-end depth transactions over the wire until the end of April. With that in mind, it’s a good opportunity for us to take stock at what’s been going …Read More

Know Thy Enemy 2015: Carolina Panthers

“Oh, my god! It’s unbelievable the difference a year makes.” – Panthers Wide Receiver Coach Ricky Proehl In 2014, the Carolina Panthers were the NFC South Division Champions. That easily goes on a list of things no one saw coming, and most of the NFC South’s 2014 escapades fill out the rest of said list. …Read More

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Defensive schemes to expect and their impact

  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers under coach Greg Schiano have moved into covert mode and little has been released on their defensive schemes. As read here in the past, there is ample evidence based on Schiano and Butch Davis’ history which lends itself to believe a “4-3 under” scheme will be run. If you have …Read More