Tailgating Hall of Fame - 44146 - 01What’s the tailgate like?

We like to say the tailgate is like a family reunion. It is a fun, laid back environment that, while drinking goes on, is also family friendly and quite often has plenty of young people playing sports. Brian, the owner of the lot, has a nice set of Men’s and Women’s restrooms on site for our use as well as an outdoor bar/kitchen with games on if you are interested in other activities. It is also a very unique spot as we have as the property Brian’s house sits on is 1.3 acres so there’s plenty of spots for parking and the tailgating. It also sits directly across Ohio Ave from the backside of One Buc Place and we always see the huge Bucs flag flying in the distance.

The food is always top notch with everyone pitching in. our cooks are tireless so make sure ya thank em and please, don’t be THAT person at the BBQ! Besides eating, drinking and being merry (Who is Mary anyway? that joke works better when said as opposed to in writing) Various games are running throughout the event from cornhole to drinking games. You get to pick your poison as it were.

Net/net, if you come to our tailgate you will have a great time, get some great food and meet even greater people! Like we said before this is like a family reunion we actually look forward to before ever Bucs home game with family coming from all walks of life and Yes even family who are fans of opposing teams as we embrace all types who have a Love of football and tailgating. The biggest word out of peeps who attend one of our tailgates for the first time is “WOW”.

This is a tailgate that is sponsored via donation. We are not a business and we do not run this as such. We are a 501c3, Not for Profit Organization and we tie actively to local charities. Our model leads us to donate the proceed overages every week. We make EVERY EFFORT to have plenty of food and drink but your donations are not tickets. We serve until we run out and have, in years, only run out of a few things. So before you guys get pissy about coming at 12:15 for a 1:00 kickoff only to have limited food or beer left, use your head. Luckily this has not been a real problem yet but we don’t want it to start to become one either. If this model is unacceptable, you are welcome not to attend. Most folks get it and have No problem.


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