Rules, Notes and Updates

High Level

As this is a family reunion feel, we do not require payment. We require participation. We offer a pretty extensive menu of food both prepared by our Grillmaster and provided by local members of our extended family. We also have a large bar with both alcoholic and non alcoholic fare.

Everyone is welcome. Requirements are very stringent:

  1. Don’t be an ass
  2. Pitch in
  3. Have fun

The Process

  1. Check in at the welcome desk -You will know it because gorgeous hostesses from Winghouse will be there. This is where you will get your ID checked and be assigned a wristband. EVERYONE MUST CHECK IN AT THE DESK EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT DRINKING. Wristbands will be checked at the bar and at the food line.
  2. At the front desk, the girls will let you know the charity that this event is dedicated to and ask you for a donation. You are free to donate as much as you would like but we encourage you to think of the following things:
    1. We do NOT receive any revenue from parking. This is a private lot that we love but we pay for space just like you do.
    2. A party this size take a lot of work and a lot of funds
    3. Any overage in the donation “Treasure Chest” goes DIRECTLY to the Charity of the month.
      1. While there is not a set charge to attend the tailgate, the suggested donation to offset the cost of food and supplies is $10-$20 per person.  We are not a for profit restaurant, rather just a group of die hard Bucs fans having fun in the parking lots. As we are a charity driven group as well, your donations ensure that we do not lose money on a game by game basis and can continue the tailgate for years to come as well as helping some amazing charities (List online and at the reception desk)
      2. Of course you can give as much as you would like and you are encouraged to tip our staff (the Winghouse girls) for great services. This is a fun event remember!
  3. When partaking, remember our first rule. (The “don’t be an ass rule” Every party has that person that takes 6 plates of food. Well, we are the clean up Krewe too and see those plates getting thrown away. Do not be that guy (or gal)
  4. This tailgate is NOT a Take Out Restaurant. Grab some food. Enjoy it all. If we see anyone grabbing “To Go” boxes they will informed that they are no longer welcome. You might think that a note like this would be unnecessary but sadly, it is NOT.
  5. We serve until we are out so please do be considerate and try to let everyone get through the line before going for Round 2! We know Pat can lay it down on the grill but we try to make sure everyone can eat (and drink)

We used to have fewer guideline but people sometimes forget their humanity. This is about fun, sportsmanship, inclusiveness and community involvement. We have a great time supporting our team and hope to do some good along the way. We have had guests from over 20 countries and hope you have a good enough time to tell others about us!