Tampa Bay Buccaneers rumored to trade Aqib Talib during 2012 NFL Draft

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Rumors of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers trading CB Aqib Talib have been one of the hot topics the past week. Pewter Report was the first to break the story, only to have coach Greg Schiano refute the rumor during one of his press conferences. Most will agree the statements by Schiano should have been taken with a grain of salt. As the new head coach who has made references to giving Talib a clean slate, Schiano should be the last one to confirm such a rumor. That would be better done by Mark Dominik, who has been through all the trials and tribulations posed by Talib. Now, reports are back which support Talib being on the trading block. This time,  P.R.’s Mark Cook pointed to a post on The Bay Cave which states a “source claims they can confirm the Bucs have shopped Talib around the league and is a candidate to be traded during the draft.”

Regardless if the “source” of the newest rumor is valid or not, the idea of moving Talib on draft day makes plenty of sense for the Bucs. It makes even more sense if the Minnesota Vikings are the most likely candidates to make such a trade. It can be of no coincidence the report came out of Minnesota. The Vikings are in desperate need at corner, and trading for Talib would help their cause. Though no team is likely to make such a deal without stipulations, the Vikings are able to take such a risk. The Bucs currently have no 4th round draft pick due to the Luke Stocker trade last year and the Vikings have three. With the 98th, 128th and 134th picks in the fourth round, the Vikings have more than they need.

If the Bucs were to secure one of those picks, it would seriously improve their ability to fill key holes on their roster. The fourth round is projected to have some of the top names at the safety position available, while throwing the likes of Tank Carder and Isaiah Pead in the mix. Though the Bucs could get either player in the third, they would have the luxury of not over-drafting, could focus on better value and still get one of the two. Even if the Vikings are hesitant to give up the 98th selection for Talib, the Bucs could sweeten the deal. One position where the Bucs are deepest and the Vikes need help is wide receiver. Sammy Stroughter, Preston Parker and even Dezmon Briscoe could be thrown in to sweeten the deal and possibly gain another pick within the round from Minnesota. All variables are on the table and there couldn’t be a more perfect trade partner than the Vikings.

Where this scenario would help most is before the draft. Should the Bucs be able to arrange trading Talib for a fourth round pick, it could ensure Claiborne is available at the #5 spot. Consensus is the Vikings will take Matt Kalil with their first round pick, but there is no guarantee they wouldn’t select Claiborne instead. By trading for Talib, it softens their need at corner and makes Kalil that much stronger a candidate.

As with anything during draft week, nothing is certain. This is the time of misinformation and posturing. The last thing most organizations want to do is tip their seriousness about a pick, only to have that player snatched up in front of them. If nothing else, the rumor adds another scenario to build excitement and debate. If it does come to fruition, the Bucs will see their draft improve drastically.



Adrian Mojica

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