This could be the week! Join us to talk Bucs tonight.

It’s that time again. Once again we have the opportunity to prove that this team has the heart and talent to actually compete in this league. It is very popular to jump ship on a losing team. I believe the picture here is from the Tribune  (I will correctly site and give credit once I confirm its location). I know that most of the people that participate with WTB? are not the ones on the ‘plank.’ That being said, losing sucks ass. This week, we face a stacked team in the Philadelphia Eagles. Donovan McNabb is expected to start after missing duty with a rib injury. In his absence, backup Kevin Kolb performed well enough to render ex-Buccaneer Jeff Garcia expendable (again). The Eagles com in after a Bye week which has led to 10 consecutive wins for coach Andy Reid (he does well after Bye weeks). They carry with them a 2-1 record, but their victories came against a bad Carolina squad and an also bad squad in Kansas City. When the Eagles faced the Saints, they came away with a 48-21 loss hung around their necks.

I wish it was not true
I wish it was not true
Tonight, we will have no Doctor in the studio but we will be covering the following topics:
  1. League News
  2. Injury Updates
  3. Review of the Eagles
  4. Gameplan for the Bucs (yea, if they don’t have one, we will make one up)
  5. Keys to the Game
  6. Predictive MVP’s
  7. Viewer Mail

As always, make sure you get your comments, questions and predictive MVP’s in to the mailbox early. We look forward to seeing you tonight at 7:00 RIGHT HERE!



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