Thursday Show Time Change – Jets will be the topic at 9:00 PM

This week we have the Jets. The ‘Sanchize’ is bringing his brittle knees into RayJay to compete with the guy who proclaimed himself better than the More ballyhooed (I LOVE words like that!) QB from the West(er) Coast. While both teams have been a disappointment this year, it is safe to say the Jets expected MUCH more. Now, faced with the chance of doubling our win count for the year, the Bucs offense faces the #1 passing defense in the league. Hell, they are #2 in Total Yards and Points. Statistically, the Jets seem pretty stout. Ryan’s Wrecking Crew will blitz enough to make Sean McDermott nervous. His goal will be to rattle our young QB and force him into ANOTHER 5 Interception game.

Let’s hope that does not happen.

At any rate, this show will be postponed until 9:00 PM Eastern Time. At that time, all fo the normal hi jinx and tom foolery will commence with news and predictions about the game. You guys already read the news about Clifton Smith going to IR (Something we talked about Monday night) and Kareem Huggins getting called up. Do not be surprised to see Huggins in the game as the evaluation process during this rough draft season continues.

I will update this post with the agenda tomorrow.


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