We welcome our first sponsor! Black Ops Flavor!

BlackOpsFlavorYou guys who follow us on Twitter (@WhatTheBuc) may have noticed a few Tweets about a particular Blackening Seasoning. Well, the creator of this seasoning is my damn near lifelong friend, Jim Learish. Now to say Jim and I are competitive is like saying that Miami Hurricanes offer some *perks* to their players (sorry Em!). So when Jim told me he was bringing his own seasoning to market I immediately though of how I could crush his dreams and make something better. (Yea, I am kinda an ass)

Fact is, the stuff rocks.

I have now used it a number of times and as a side effort, have convince Jim to Sponsor the food at our tailgates this weekend! (Hoping for continuation!). So as you are partaking of the bountiful harvest from Chef Red, keep an eye out for the logo you see to the right and look for the very short, probably very loud gentleman talking about the seasoning. We appreciate his contribution and hope to see him at every event!

For more information about Black Ops and more importantly, to order some, click on the image or go to http://blackopsflavor.com/. You can also follow the team on Twitter http://twitter.com/BlackOpsFlavor

If you are wondering how you can sponsor us either at the tailgate or for the broadcast here or 2 Hand Touch on 1010 AM, drop us a note to inquiries@whatthebuc.net. We have many attractive packages for you (Stop it! We’re serious!)



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