“What the Buc” 2013 opening tailgate when the Saints come marching in!


OK peeps we’re brushing off the cobwebs as it’s hard to believe another season is once again upon us. The excitement is building with each and every day. The 2013 NFL season is about to get underway and you know what that means?

Yes another extraordinary season of the “What the Buc?” tailgates. It’s amazing how many Bucs fans I hear from who are more excited about the tailgates than they are the games themselves, but that comes from a lot of hard work from a lot of dedicated WTB? crew members.

It’s been a wonderful off season to say the least with our own Bucs extraordinary player Warren Sapp being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and also our very own WTB? crew member and the leader for our charities Ms. Cheryl Stewart better known as “Spent” also being inducted into the “Pro Football Ultimate Fans Association” up in Canton also. She joins the WTB? leader and CEO Derek “Old School” Fournier in the PFUFA group. We are so very proud of both Derek and Cheryl.

We’re not only extremely excited with the tailgates we have planned for everyone this season, but also the 2013 Buccaneers season itself with several key additions of Derrell Revis, William Gholdson and many other additions along with another solid draft as the future looks quite bright indeed.

The tailgates should be bigger and better than ever if that is even possible, but by the turnout at our “WTB? Tailgate Kickoff Party” this past Saturday at our new sponsor “Kers Winghouse” the sky is the limit as we had hundreds of people attend this event as it was a huge success to say the least.

Yes I did say our new sponsor “Kers Winghouse” as they are our new sponsor this season along with our newest sponsor “Steakhouse Elite” which our very own “Chef Red” will be using to create some even better menus. This is another reason why we’re so excited as the Winghouse will be supplying us with some goodies and several of their finest Winghouse ladies to help out at the Tailgate site on game days.

We still have our other fine sponsors who supply us with goodies and they are “Buccaneer Beads” your “Gasparilla Festival” headquarters of course, “N-E Where Transport”, “Black Ops Spices” who supply “Chef Red” with what he needs and “Whiskey Willy’s” who supplies us with our adult beverages.

This first home game and tailgate will be at our normal site at 3316 west Ohio Avenue, Tampa, FL. 33607 and will be starting around 11 am as it is a 4 pm kickoff. “Chef Red” of course will be releasing his menu in the near future as soon as he puts it all together. Of course it will be a Cajun theme seeing that we’re facing one of our Division rivals the hated “New Orleans Saints” in the opening home game. These games and tailgates seem to be something special with our division rivals as they have a lot of loyal traveling fans also. I will share his menu on here as soon as he has it done.

These 4 pm kickoffs the tailgates are always extra special. Time to really have a great time as like most prime time games we will have our tailgate band “Jaded” back out there this season for our opening tailgate and that is always a blast!

Live band, great food, great beverages, great friends along with a Tampa Bay Bucs game what more could anyone ask for?

As always we love the family atmosphere of our tailgates and have always vowed to never charge an admission fee. No matter how big we get and how much we grow, but we do appreciate any donations as it helps us keep this tailgate going and growing as we always put back into the tailgate what you give as it helps us offer to you what we do.

There will be the Treasure Chest donation out front for you to give whatever you feel you can give. Also if there is anything you would like to suggest or just some comments about the tailgates and how you think we could make them better for you, just send them to me care of captrino8@gmail.com as I will address each and every one of them.

Also as usual we will be having our famous raffles and 50/50 contests with all of the proceeds going to one of our “What the Buc Really Matters” charities. For the opening game tailgate the charity we will be giving to is the wonderful “1 Voice Foundation” They truly are angels her on Earth as they do wonderful work with many Childrens causes and with September being childrens cancer awareness month this is a great way to kickoff our involvement with the fight against childrens cancer as we all know cancer sucks! Please bring some dinero to take a chance of winning some great prizes and at the same time giving back!


I hope to see you all out there on Sunday, September 15, 2013 starting at 11 am up until 4 pm.





Capt. Rino

I guess Cap't. Rino's motto would be the more the merrier and just loving to see so many passionate Buc's fans having a great time as it's in me blood! Cap't. Rino

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