“What the Buc” Monday Night Football Tailgate

OK me hearties! Arrrr Ye ready for some football?

Fast turnaround this week as we have aft t’ aft tailgates and this upcomin’ one should be epic as we have our first Monday Night Football game in years.

I know some o’ us krewe will be gettin’ out thar bstarboard and early on Monday t’ prepare everythin’. I know Chef Red and maniac Jerry have a special treat in store for us all as they will have plenty o’ slabs o’ ribs for …this show!

Another added bonus be they have challenged anyone t’ a Rib cookoff so if you think you’re up t’ t’ challenge you’re more then welcome t’ bring’ your own ribs and challenge t’ Chef and his sidekick t’ Maniac!

You’re also welcome t’ use t’ Chef’s very own Grillaneer! We will be facin’ t’ hated Colt’s who we all remember from t’ infamous MNF heartbreaker in 2003, so it be payaft time indeed! Come one and come all as these MNF tailgates be always t’ best!

T’ weather also should be cooperatin’ better as thar should be a slight cool down with clear skies. ARRRRR!

Once again thar should be plenty o’ food, plenty o’ livations and plenty o’ games t’ be had. We once again ask you all t’ brin’ somethin’ with you if you like or just donate doubloons t’ our treasure chest as it keeps this party goin’ and we Thank You for it!

Once again we’re located at 3316 West Ohio Avenue, Tampa, FL. 33607.

Just look at t’ map below! Like I said we will be out thar early t’ setup, but t’ real tailgate should begin around 3pm, but you’re always welcome t’ come early or just arrive when you like as I be aye thar will be those who will come after they get off o’ work.

We usually start headin’ into t’ game around 7:30 pm or an hour before kickoff!

See all o’ me hearties thar!

Capt. Rino

Capt. Rino

I guess Cap't. Rino's motto would be the more the merrier and just loving to see so many passionate Buc's fans having a great time as it's in me blood! Cap't. Rino

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