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Clstewart5588 2022010109 Ultimate Fan Raffle Package



Ultimate Fan Raffle Package benefiting the Jackson In Action 83 Foundation

  • Two front row seats for Buccaneers @ Rams 11/6/22
  • Two What The Buc t-shirts
  • Two What The Buc Really Matters Foundation, Inc. wristbands for our pre game party


Winner will be chosen automatically by the website raffle software on 10/10/22 at 8pm and notified by email. Item Pickup at the tailgate.

All proceeds will be donated to Jackson In Action 83 Foundation

About the charity:

The mission of the Jackson in Action 83 Foundation is to provide support to military families, focusing on the educational, emotional, and physical health of the children.

Our job is to provide support and tools to help military parents continue to raise their children and maintain close bonds, even when separated by thousands of miles.


In putting together our programs, we solicit information and ideas from a wide range of resources, from academic experts to military personnel.  The consensus of the research shows that there are three areas of concern for the children of deployed families:

1) Educational 2) Emotional and 3) Physical.

But let’s face it, any parent could have told you that.  We all want our kids to be healthy (physical), happy (emotional), and do well in school (educational).  However, it makes sense that the added stress of deployment could create problems in one or all of those areas.  These are the pillars of our foundation.