We Need YOU!

Listen, as much as OldSchool loves the sound of his own voice, we know that we need more opinions and perspectives on this site to make it compelling or even tolerable.

  • Are you an aspiring stripper , dancer, performer, sword swallower writer, blogger or columnist?
  • Are you passionate about the Bucs?
  • Can you string words together into sentences and those sentences together into coherent thoughts?
  • Are you willing to work in an incredibly abusive environment where you are expected to be a world class producer of content while laboring for no compensation but instead, simply the pride of a job well done?
  • Are you Kate Upton?

If any of the above are true (or close, including the strike out parts), please hit us up and let’s talk about how you can use this platform to advance yourself, have a great time, meet some amazing people and actually make a difference.


How can you help? By filling out a mind-numbingly long form. If government has taught us anything (and it hasn't), it's that extended delays and bureaucracy are in some way good!