We Did It!

Fans, at long last, we can all be proud of our team for wining the greatest prize in sports. Once again (for the 2nd time Saints fans), our Buccaneers are the World Champions, having destroyed teh unbeatable returning champs on our very own HOME FIELD as the HOME TEAM for the first and only time in NFL HISTORY.

9 Points.

That’s it.

Enjoy this moment and hope our team leadership can keep this band together and we can all enjoy years of relevance. Winning beats the SHIT out of losing.

Proud of this team. Proud of this community. Proud to have had the privilege to share this passion with you for a decade and a half.

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Big thanks to my returning guests, Chris, Joe and Mark as well as my new one, Robert. We missed ya Trevor but hair like that ain’t gonna do itself.