Why should you have a live show at your business?

Be associated with the most rabid Buccaneers fan segment in the country! Sports is about PASSION! The partnership of What the Buc? brings together a large and mature set of passionate fans who BLEED Red and Pewter (and occasionally Creamsickle).

Drive awareness of your business to the multiple markets: via Internet Streaming. We broadcast live (WITH VIDEO) across the internet to listeners around the world (And available 24/7 for replay) – We have listeners in over 24 countries and growing!

Tap into your target demographic!

What can we do for you?

  • Sponsor Us
  • Host a Live Broadcast
  • Segment Sponsorship
  • Web banner placement on multiple sites
  • What does it take to get started?


We need businesses that want to increase their profile with a growing and financially capable market that happens to also be a group of rabid sports fans!

We need you to establish an investment level (Budget) for our partnership – It really is that simple! Our team will meet with you and craft a personal package that targets your audience leveraging all media outlets that are available (and we have them all!)

There is a formula for success here:

  • Target – We must target the audience that YOUR business needs, wants and serves. That requires insight. We got that.
  • Frequency – Working with you and your budget, our team will put together a package to maximize the ‘stickiness’ of your campaign. You advertise so that people recognize, remember and reward you with business. This takes frequency and exposure.
  • Creative – If your placements or ads stink, it does not matter how often people hear or see them, they will not do business with you. Let our team of creative experts help you put your best foot forward!

OK, I am SOLD! What do I do next?

Contact us via the form below. We will make sure you speak to the right people!

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You know you want us. We want you too. This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

  • We think we can help you and really think that would be fun. Tell us how YOU think we can help or where you need a helping hand. ("Help" Quota = COMPLETE)