Super Fans!

While all of our listeners and readers could qualify for this title, there are a few that take fandom to the next level. From costumes and makeup to civic activities and autographs, we have an ever growing crew of easily recognizable and rabid fans that if you have not seen yet, you have not had your eyes open at a Bucs game.  Below you will read about three (so far) “super fans” that we have had the honor of getting close to. From tailgating to live shows, these folks bring the passion and love of their team to everything they do.

The BucWildBoyz

The dynamic duo of Roman “Captain Bones” Diaz and Matt “Bucnutz” Algeri comprise the “BucWildBoyz.” Bringing their unique form of passion to the game, the boys can be found at almost every major event in the Tampa Bay area. Rooted in their love for he Bucs and local sports, the BucWildBoyz always make time to speak with and have fun with fans (both young and old) as they spread their passion and excitement at events like Bucs games, Gasparilla, Charity functions and any other excuse to gather and have a good time!

Captain Bones

I was raised as a UM fan. I was introduced to my 1st NFL game at the late age of 7 and witnessed Dan Marino’s debut in the Orange Bowl vs. the Buffalo Bills. It was not until I performed in Tampa’s 1st Super Bowl (XVIII in 1984), that I found my heart as a Buccaneers fan. I then started my continuous collection of memorabilia while I followed my training in dance. This training has led me to appearances in plays, back-up dancing, featured choreographer, as well as in two Superbowl’s (XXV & XXXV)!

I’m a Halloween baby which is my excuse for loving to be in costumes. My 1st outfit for the Bucs was a jester outfit during their SB victory year. But before I was welcomed into the WTB family on November 25, 2007 (vs, the Washington Redskins), I progressed to a mascot sized costume that introduced “Cpt Bones” in 2003. Since that time, I have continued 2 fill my treasure chest w/ multiple pirate outfits.

I have now set sail with a more comfortable costume (and one I can actually breath in!) and the fan favorite mask all topped off by my recognizable custom Bucs jersey like my sidekick “BucNutz”!


Growing up a baseball fan, in the early 90’s, I lost interest because of “strikes & whiners”. Being raised around New York Giants fans, I idolized Lawrence Taylor and a hard hitting style of defense. In 1995, my cousin made the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleading Squad. It was then that I experienced my first Buc’s game. At that moment, I realized I had discovered my calling.

As my passion grew for my hometown team, I started to see the “Lawrence Taylor style” of play in my own team. Completely committed to the “ups & downs” of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I thought to create a name for myself. Using a childhood nickname, “BUCNUTZ” was founded. For years it was only a name on a jersey, until I received words of encouragement from a friend, and fellow fanatical fan, “Big Nasty” to take it to the next level. Using my artistic ability and inspiration from my favorite wrestler growing up, the persona “BUCNUTZ” emerged.

Although being named “Fan of The Year” in 2007 by, I will continue to represent my team to the fullest through good times & bad. Come “GAME TIME”, I suit up with my “partner in crime” Roman “Captain Bones” Diaz to bring the noise. Most likely you will hear us before you will see us. The motto we live by is “COME HARD OR GO HOME”. Go Bucs!

Events and Appearances

This crew is available in whole or part for your events. If you are interested in having some of the Superfans at your event for pictures and signing, please contact us at