5 Bold Predictions, Week 10 Edition

Man, I cannot believe it is already week 10 of this NFL season. Seems like just yesterday we were counting down to the days to week 1. Well now that it is week 10 the Buccaneers are definitely not where they wanna be. They are sitting at a 3-5 record and have lost some games they had many chances to win (LA,OAK). Tampa Bay got mauled by the Falcons on Thursday night last week. Let’s see what happens when Da Bears come to town.

Bold Prediction 1:

If he plays, He makes an impact. Well if some do not know who I am referring to it is RB Doug Martin who has been out with hamstring injury since week 2. This team has really missed him and the lack of offensive production in some games really shows it. Charles Sims was not getting the job done as the featured back but he went on IR anyway. Jacquizz Rodgers was doing a terrific job filling in for Dougie but he also went down with an injury and has been ruled out for Sunday. Doug Martin returned to practice this week and is listed as questionable to play in this weekend’s game. If he does indeed end up playing then he will definitely help this offense out a ton. See, the Buccaneers lack threats on offense right now, Jameis Winston is a threat, Mike Evans is a threat, everyone else is not. Doug Martin, while he may be on a snap count is still a threat to opposing defenses. Add that threat and now the defense has to worry about the run and will not just focus on stopping Famous Jameis and Big Mike.

Bold Prediction 2:

Jameis continues his hot streak. QB Jameis Winston has really started to heat up these pas couple of weeks. Tossing 9 Touchdowns to only 1 interception in the past 4 games the team has played. This is very similar to last year when Jameis (after throwing 4 INTS in week 4) got hot and didn’t throw another INT until week 10 vs Dallas. Jameis will go another game in which he either has 1 INT or non at all. This Bears defense (while it is improved) has not impressed me that much and that is one of the reasons they are 2-6. C’mon Jameis make the fans at Ray Jay proud!

Bold Prediction 3:

The Defense improves.. A tad. Yes defense has been a big problem for the a Bucs all year long and they have lost some games because of it (LA,ATL) Last week they could not get off the field and the stats show that because the Falcons did not punt once. NOT ONE TIME. I am not sure what the main problem is but I know that the pass rush is still non existent and the safety play is the worst in the NFL. This Bears team is almost like the Bucs offense. Has some threats but not many. Jay Cutler is not a threat, Alshon Jeffery is a threat, Jordan Howard is a threat. If the Bucs can slow down those 3 this should be an easy victory at RayJay. That is a big what if, The Buccaneers are awful at playing defense and at home are even worse. They have allowed 30 points to the Rams who have one of the worst offenses in the NFL. They also let Derek Carr throw for a Raiders franchise record. Let Matt Ryan throw 4 TDs as well. This defense should be able to contain this offense a little bit more than others.

Bold prediction 4:

A lot of Bears fans.. But the Bucs drown them out. Chicago fans are one of the best in the NFL and travel well. There will be a lot of bears fans in attendance (which sickens me) but the Bucs fans will drown them out. Fans all year have done a good job being loud when they the Bucs are actually in the game and not getting blown out. My reason why the Bucs fans will be louder leads me to my next prediction.

Bold prediction 5:

The Bucs get their first home win of the year. That’s right the Bucs will win at home! Hallelujah! Chicago is a very beatable team. They are 2-6 and are on their way to a top 5 pick in this years draft. They have been on a little streak here lately and Bears fans think they can make the playoffs. Put a wrench in that idea Tampa. If the Bucs win they are in it for at least another game or two. If they lose the season is over and fans should start looking for just improvement and focus on the draft. But let’s hope the Bucs walk out winners!

So there we have it. This game is a pretty big one because it is win or the season is over. 4-5 looks a whole lot better than 3-6. After this game they have two tough games in a row with traveling to KC and then playing SEA in Tampa. This game is very winnable and should be won. Hope you all make it out to the WTB tailgate. But for now… GO BUCS!!!!

Evan Wanish

16 year old with aspirations of becoming a writer or contributor to some form of media. I have been a Bucs fan my whole life and have followed the team's every move. My goal is to develop as a writer as this is what I would like to do as a career when I get older. I hope to become one of the best writers here, at the end of the day the WTB team is one family and we are glad to have you visiting the website. I hope that everyone enjoys the content myself and the rest of our great writers are able to put out. I would also like to thank Derek 'Old School' Fournier for giving me the platform and helping me in taking the first step to writing and covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. GO BUCS!

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