5 Downs REHASH

In the Bucs victory yesterday, outside of the no holding penalties, another roughing the passer non call on Freeman and no horsecollar (yea, I am whining) there was something even more egregious. With the game on the line and the Redskins driving, the officiating crew in combination with the chain gang seem to have screwed something up big time.

On 3rd and 1 from the 21.5 yard line, McNabb hit Armstrong on a slant that was marked down at the 2.5 ish

Here is the screen shot AFTER the official spot. All sticks are down. Now you cannot disregard the chains on the screen. The first down marker (the left post) is 9 yards downfield. The unofficial, yellow-line is correct at 10 yards. While we do not have a reverse angle, the top of the near side post seemed aligned in a previous capture. Here is the completion:

Unless someone shows me that the near side posts were different AND official AND (somehow right despite video proof) then this looks to be an epic screw up by the officials and the support staff that could have cost our team a chance at a playoff run. We are VERY fortunate that a loss was not the result.

Even if the official thought it was close to a first down, how in the world was there no measure inside of two minutes on a drive of this magnitude?


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