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A Brief Explanation of the Noise

Good evening fine followers of WTB! If you are a night owl, you may have noticed a lot of ugly posting and deleting going on here at WTB. The goal tonight was to get the authors here the proper credit for the hard work they do. WordPress and the associated Plug InsĀ can be a real pain in the ass. This required some “less than pretty” troubleshooting. I hope your notifications did not interrupt your sleep.

As the weeks roll on we will be continuing to add some new features to the site as well as welcoming some new authors and content. We appreciate all of you for being with us for 13 years and hope that we will continue to raise the bar for Bucs coverage as we have for over a decade.

This rare post under my real name was used to test the final implementation. I hope it works. šŸ™‚