A new discovery, “Reckonings” of the Pewter Pirate

You folks may know this scallywag as Calico Jack, but the Pewter Pirate has decided to create his “Reckonings” of each game this year. An in depth analysis of statistics and activities of the games and record them for posterity’s sake. Here is a sample of the historical documents and an explanation.

As you know, Calico is a detailed pirate so keep yer eyes peeled to the site as we will be posting these documents as often as we are able to unearth them! As the season unfolds, the analysis will span the epic battles and seek to draw conclusions that erquire the assistance of time and perspective (I know, that will be uncomfortable for some but you can handle it!)

So stay tuned to the show this week for the fist real installment of this segment.

NOTE: The Reckonings are stored in Pirate Document Format (PDF) and the land lubbers at Adobe were kind enough to allow their program to open it. You will need that free application to read the contents!