A Saturday to forget

Unfortunate Timing

WTB Training camp logoIn my continued attempt to be at camp so often that Mr. Dominik allows me to start carrying Gatorade around for these cate, Doc, Bones, Red75 and Red’s Buddy (Photo Man Ace) all hit 1 Buc on Saturday. The field configuration was a little odd as they anticipated (and were correct) a very large crowd. They had all three fields active. By that, I mean they started on 1 and 2, then, before going to 7 on 7 and 11 on 11, the team flopped over the Field 3!


Fortunately, people are very lazy and we were able to head over and get a pretty good look. The drills are all starting to blur together, but I had to pay particular attention to Leftwich. It seems that when I miss a practice, teh guys goes off. I have to admit, in the AM practice, he was the best quarterback on the field. This was a carryover from The Doc’s estimation from Friday. If Luke continues to fumble his opportunity and Byron continues to impress, I may have to eat my words.

The Tight Ends were in front of me and despite the coaches complaints about Winslow, he is a practice machine. He is running as hard as anyoe out there folks, and watching him work is like watching a training video on how to play the position (unlike his other training videos…did I really just take that cheap of a laugh?)

Byron Leftiwch continues to improve. Despite his glacial pace during the earl part of the week, in 11 on 11 drills, he continues to make better decisions and have more impact than Luke McCown. Luke will need to put up some pretty damn good game tape in the preseason (or hope Byron reverts to his early week behaviors)

The team looks very tired and the injuries we predicted early in the week are starting to mount. The second practice on Saturday was canceled due to lightning…or so they claim! (Nah, it was a good call. That weather was bad. I took a few pics to give you an idea. They are over in the Gallery. The time off should do the guys good. I hope the injured are off the list and that another member of the crew will be in attendance at 1 Buc Place next week to provide intel!


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