Brady’s Draft Mentality

Ater 20 years of life in the NFL, it’s same to so assume one could get bored of annual routines. While the draft is basically the NFL equivalent of Christmas morning for fans, some veterans of the League may tune it out while they rest and recover from the previous season.

Apparently, that’s not the case for the BUCS new QB.

Appearing the NFL Draft-A-Thon, Tom Brady mentioned that he is, in fact, interested in what happens in the Draft. In response to guest Michael Strahan’s mentioning that he, a former NFL player of 14 years, had stopped paying attention to who his team picked, Brady weighed in.

“It’s a lot of build up.”

“It’s been so few guys over the years that came to the Patriots when I was there that made a sudden impact. A lot of those guys have a lot of work ahead.”

“It’s a great night and all..and everyone gets excited for the draft and there’s so much build up and hype. But the reality of it all is none of those guys have accomplished anything yet. Really, for the most part, you wanna realize can these guys can come in and be humble.. are they excited to learn..excited to learn from the veterens. What kind of commitment are they willing to make to become a true professional? That’s what it’s gonna really take to make them professional.”

Brady also took time to, once again, praise new teammate Chris Godwin who graciously gave up his number 12 jersey to to the 6-time Super Bowl winning QB.

After host Rich Eisen questioned Brady as to whether he had compensated Chris Godwin for the symbolic number Tom Brady has used as a tradmark to his TB12 brand, Brady shied away, but he wasted no time in complimenting Godwin.

“Ya know what I love about Chris? He called me up. Once of the best things he ever said “You know, Tom…if I was ever in your position and a younger player had it, I would want them to give it to me.”

“That shows you the kinda maturity that a 3rd year player going intoh is 4th year has. And that tells me what kind of person he is and the kind of teammate he is and that impressed me.”

Tom Brady’s mature approach to the draft as well the level of respect his accomplishments have on the younger to the draft should be indicative of how the team, players and coches alike, will approach their preparation for playing alongside him in the upcoming season.