Bucs versus Jags – Internet Streams SUCK!

OldSchool is in Chicago, they are not featuring the Bucs here!

I am fortunate that other folks are stealing from the NFL and allowing me to watch this game in crappy below Low-definition over the Al Gore created interweb. I tuned in after the 1 play drive that so far looks to be the highlight of the Jaguars game. I am pleased to see our 2’s performing well against the Jag’s 1’s. The big story line for tonight’s game was the activity from the QB position. Could Lefty slam the door on “The Hawk” Luke McCown? Well, on an initial review, Luke played very well this evening. He had the benefit of good field position, but he made solid throws and got points on the board.

Sammie Stoughter provided some spark in Special Teams and in the receiving game. Brian Clark did nothing to solidify his tenuous hold on the 3rd receiver spot tonight in my opinion. It seemed that someone sent Mo Stovall a note that said something like, “They are hiring at Best Buy. Sincerely, your friend Stylez.”

My call at this point (based on the pixelized view I have had so far) is that Luke did enough to be the starter. Freeman thus far, looks very solid. I am annoyed by the verbal BJ that Lynch is giving the kid during the broadcast, but he looks MUCH better this week than he did last week. Just after typing the last sentence he scrambled for a touchdown and looked very solid.

Huggins keeps doing too much to have the tie broken but I would be surprised if we sent him to the practice squad if he stayed there. I have the Bears game on in HD behind me and aside from pissing me off because it is in HD, I am reminded how much I hate the Bears and most Bear fans.

A Couple of Quick Points

  • Elbert Mack going out on a limp is not good news. The injuries we are listing are deadly. Between the injuries to CB and S, we will be fortunate to get anyone to try and run against our defensive line.
  • Why are we running BJ in garbage tiume when he has yet to make it all the way through a season without injury?
  • Gave up a first down on 3rd and 26? Really?
  • Chris Bradwell put up some good tape (The blow to the head was stupid)
  • That intentional grounding call was horseshit
  • The refs are freaking NUTS with all of those penalties late in the game

Things I Will Be Looking at this Morning

  • How did the defensive line actually look against the run
  • How consistent was our pressure
  • Did the #1 offensive line look as solid as they should or like crap the way they were last week

Biggest Surprise

John Lynch. Between his slobbering over Freeman and his use of phrases like, “He can only get better'” had me wanting him to get a blow to the head. He was not the only bad thing in the broadcast booth. I long for Gene on TV. The broadcast audio was almost as bad as the quality of the stream.


Special Note

There were no arrests during this game.


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