Exciting times at WTB? (New show!)

You guys who have been with us know that we are always trying to push the envelope. We started with passion and focus and continued with immediacy and openness. Others are starting to come around to those things and that is tremendous. From a broadcast perspective, we also push the limits. You know that OldSchool does some work from time to time on 1010 AM and our friends at Joe Bucsfan have been kind enough to cross post some of the video work done here as well. It progressed even further with the first local simulcast of the internet program and the (now defunct do to no cause of ours) Sports Explosion “Thursday Night Takeover” broadcast.

Well, we are doing it again! You folks may know Bucs Babe (@Bucs_babe). She is a die-hard Bucs fan and works in the radio biz. She approached “What the Buc?” about doing a program on 1010 this season. Here’s the catch:

We have to move our Monday show to Tuesday (8-10) and we have to ADD a show on Sunday. A nice perk is that the Sunday show will be LIVE from the now famous (err, infamous) WTB?/BucsChat/Coolest Bucs fans in the area Tailgate spot! We will be rockin it like College Gameday from the tailgate spot! So from 10 – 11 on Sunday, you can tailgate with the best Krew in Tampa AND here the best pregame in Tampa at the same time!

The show will be similar in format but will have a female perspective. If you guys have not been following The Babe, make sure you do as she Tweets her ass off! It will be broadcast on 1010 AM and all of the associated venues as well as streamed live over the internet. The chatroom will still be live and the action will still be heavy (no fat jokes!).

So, for you regulars, times do change. OldSchool will have to be FCC compliant on Tuesday nights (except during commercials as we will be UStreaming the action as well!). Many of you may like that! We will still be doing our review show on that first show of the week. Let’s face it, the other guys analysis isn’t really the same anyway! Thursday nights will remain unchanged. We will be adding a Sunday show.

All good things for listeners/viewers of WTB?

There is a catch however. We start next week and we have not finalized a name. It will not simply be “What the Buc?” as OldSchool is the host but not the owner. We need something catchy. We thought of “Beauty and the Beast” but figured being attacked by the NFL was enough, why tempt Disney! So if you have ideas, let us know. As we get details worked out, we will let you folks know. This should be exciting so hop on and enjoy the ride (get your minds out of the gutters people!)

Go Bucs!


"Here's to good memories, ounce by ounce." --Matt Westerman Currently hosting an Internet Radio/TV show called "What the Buc?" covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! We are having a blast and would love to get feedback from you folks on it.

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