Good God. Tonight will be unpleasant. Giants Review Show

Well people, the sound of people jumping off this teams bandwagon has been a steady volume for quite some time, but this weekend, there was a giant “whooshing” sound as even some very faithful folks figured that if the Bucs did not give a shit, why should they. We are not in that group, but this evening we will talk about what the team portrayed as a game against the Giants Sunday. The talk will be, as always, direct and clear so realize that if you are a Sensitive Sally, this will be the wrong place for you. Topics will include:

  1. News from around the league (other teams have things to hope for)
  2. Injury update
  4. Were we beaten before we got on the field?
  5. Worst offensive performance in Bucs history?
  6. He’s close to losing them…what next?
  7. Richard Williamson Countdown or Dungy Redux?
  8. Game Review (Painful…you should have been drinking before we got here)
  9. Skulls and Swords (Not sure there is a Sword other than to the Cheerleaders)

We may have to start working harder on figuring out “The Plan” though I think that it may have gone the way of the Chupacabra or Ogo Pogo (obscure reference, Dennis Miller style). I am sure that we will hear the familiar cries about a new QB, no talent and horrible coaching. At the tailgate site after the game, some folks asserted that they would be better than our players.

Clearly, there was a LOT of drinking going on. Join us tonight at 7:00 PM at for the show. Get your questions, comments and lamentations in early and we will share them.


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